Event 40 - TOUR Championship


A very exciting final day of the PGA Tour season!

Main League - Period 10:  Ray Carlson has a huge final weekend to win the Period. billbeebe takes 2nd and Palmer103 places 3rd.

Main League - YTD:   No changes in the Top 5: futuresport is 1st, followed by Palmer103, Greg Hamilton, Paul Lisk, and golfund. Ray Carlson's big weekend moves him from 21st into 14th and the final paying position.

High Rollers League: Dan Lisk Hi Rollas! wins with no drama.

Event 39 - BMW Championship


The week Tiger announces his return, Dustin Johnson joins Spieth, Day, and Scott on the list of players he will have trouble overtaking in his quest to return to the top of the golf world.

Main League - Period 10:  billbeebe moves ahead of Ray Carlson. Palmer103 moves into 3rd from 7th, futuresport into 4th from 10th, and Paul Lisk stays in the Top 5.