Event 11 - Arnold Palmer Invitational


The best players in the world are fine-tuning their games and today is the Spring Equinox....the Masters must be just around the corner!

Main League - Period 3:  The Dalai Lama Himself takes the lead from juchs.  doncharnley, Golfund, and Daniel all make huge moves to complete the Top 5.

Main League - YTD:  Golfund now leads over juchs, with The Dalai Lama Himself, drscrape, and williams goss making up the Top 5.

High Rollers League:  We have a new leader!! Dan Lisk Hi Rollas! moves ahead of teamscheck.

Treegrove Circle League:  williams goss still leads, with Sandbagger11 now in 2nd, and Leslieann Tichelman in 3rd.

The WGC Match Play is the final event of Period 3, while Puerto Rico is the first event of Period 4.


Click a link below for complete standings: