Event 15 - The Masters




Another awesome Masters!

Main League - Period 4:  The Golf Aficionado continues to lead, as Carol Tichelman jumps 45 places into 2nd. Ashley Reaburn, waynehenry, and Mark Sedore complete the Top 5.

Main League - YTD:  The Dalai Lama Himself takes the lead, with Golfund in 2nd place. drscrape 2, zagbag, and williams goss complete the Top 5.

Majors sub-pool:  Greg Hamilton leads after the first major.  The Dalai Lama Himself, WoundedGolfer, Carol Tichelman, and longhorn 2 complete the top 5.

High Rollers League:  Dan Lisk Hi Rollas! with Raoul Duke now in 2nd place.

Treegrove Circle League:  williams goss moves ahead of Myron Molenda.


Click a link below for complete standings: