Event 2 - Sony Open


We expect the single remaining team payment, so the teams published last week are final.  Upon request, we have also posted a "Grid View" of the team selections in both PDF and Excel versions on the home page here. Payouts will be posted before next week.

Main League - Period 1:  ztschnit moves up three spots into 1st. ImpeachTrumpNow, Jimmy Harris 3, jptarheel, and Parker B complete the Top 5.

High Rollers League:  teamscheck moves into 1st, with Boomer & Scrape and Dan Lisk High Rollas! following.

Treegrove Circle League:  Myron Molenda lead, with BK9BRUIN in 2nd and Steve Sedore in 3rd.

Help us find find any bugs in the system. Please check your team totals and let us know of any errors or if you have any questions.

Let us know if you want anyone added to the email update list.


Click a link below for complete standings: