Event 22 - DEAN & DELUCA Invitational


Has Jordan Spieth fully returned?

Main League - Period 6:  Matt O'Connor 2 takes over 1st, followed by bryansnelson. KBeck, Golfund, and Puzzle Queen complete the Top 5.

Main League - YTD:  Golfund slips ahead of The Dalai Lama Himself.  zagbag, Daddy Fat Shafts, and drscrape 2 complete the Top 5. The Hip Team, etang, and bryansnelson move into the Top 10.

High Rollers League:  Dan Lisk Hi Rollas! continues to lead, with teamscheck now in second place.

Treegrove Circle League:  Sandbagger11 continues to lead, with Puzzle Queen now in 2nd.

On to Jack's place in Ohio, and let's hope the storms stay away.


Click a link below for complete standings: