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The PGA Championship

Do not worry – you will be directed to a different website to enter your team

Groups Format

Select one player in each of the 21 groups.

  • The players are grouped by a combination of various worldwide rankings.
  • See all the players and groups here.
  • The players on your team who make the cut accumulate points based upon their finishing position (interim scoring is for informational purposes only).  See scoring here.
  • You can edit your team prior to the deadline. The email confirming your team entry has a link to your entry for easy editing.
  • If a player does not start for any reason, and you do not replace him, they will be replaced by the lowest rated player in the same group.

Two Leagues:

  • Feature League: $25 entry fee (C$35)
  • High Rollers League: $125 entry fee (C$175)

Entry Deadline: Thursday, May 16, 2024 – 8:00 am Eastern Time

Payment options are described here.


Payouts are based upon the number of entries, and are published after all payments are received.

  • For $25 leagues, see payout schedules here
  • For $125 leagues, see payout schedules here

Player Changes

You can edit your team anytime before the entry deadline (8:00 am ET of the first-round day).  The original team selection confirmation email contains a link for you to review and change your team.